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What is Klingon Academy 2?

Based upon the hit space combat simulator by Interplay/14 Degrees East, Klingon Academy Total Conversion (KATC for short) was released for Star Trek Armada in 2003. Now, 3 years later, I have decided to update this mod using the knowledge I have gained in those years, and for Armada's sequel, Armada II. In addition to being a remake of the original KATC, Kingon Academy II: The General War builds upon the features of its predecessor, adding more races, better sound and graphical effects, and enhanced gameplay.

Key Features

  • 6 Fully Realised TMP Era Races
  • Detailed, indepth starship combat in the vein of Starfleet Battles
  • New storyline and campaign, merging the worlds of SFC/SFB, Klingon Academy and Star Trek VI
  • Unique physics for each vessel, courtesy of Starfox
  • Realistic damage textures (ongoing, only Federation ships have them so far)
  • Each ship class has a role, no more teching to Battleships to win
  • Totally revamped weapons system with unique and exotic advanced weapons from KA and SFC

>> Download Klingon Academy 2 Now!! <<
( Version 1.1 ¦ Released May 31st 2008 ¦ Filesize: 457mb )







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